Trumpet Books, Trumpet Methods by Pops

My trumpet teaching and trumpet books and trumpet method have been mentioned and quoted in dissertations, magazines, other books, web sites and even youtube videos. Learn how to play the trumpet the Pops way.

I am pleased and honored to have my trumpet books, trumpet method, ideas and teaching mentioned and quoted and to have this site listed in the TOP 10 Trumpet sites in these books:
"Tongue Level & Air"
by Eric Bolvin
"Sound the Trumpet: How to Blow Your Own Horn"
by Jonathan Harnum
"Trumpet Pedagogy"
by David Hickman
"Embouchure Enhancement" books
by Roddy Lewis
"Trumpeting by Nature: An Efficient Guide to Optimal Trumpet Performance"
by Jeanne Pocius
as well as in the International Trumpet Guild Journal, Overture, Windplayer many dissertations and even several Utube teaching videos done by other teachers.

I have had articles written for one of my books and testimonials from:

28 Authors of over 94 trumpet books;
61 college trumpet professors and noted teachers;
58 pro players who have recorded over 3,900 movie, TV and cartoon soundtracks;
9 trumpet embouchure clinicians;
3 Trumpet Guild presidents;
12 Trumpet Guild board members past and present;
8 mouthpiece and trumpet designersand makers.

My trumpet books are different. They are a complete trumpet method that teach air usage, aperture control, embouchures, lip compression, mouthpiece design & trumpet design. There is more info on those kinds of topics in my trumpet books that you get in 4 years of HS and 8 years of college getting a DMA.
These books teach you how to play the trumpet.
They are 90% instructional text and 10% musical examples to teach the proper way to do some physical aspects of trumpet playing.

These trumpet books have been adopted by several college professors to be used with their college trumpet majors. There are also many HS teachers who have used this trumpet method to great advantage when teaching their students how to play the trumpet.

Available as Electronic Books only (No printed books).

Build a Range Pyramid with a solid base. Most range books have you play arpeggios. You play 1 of every note. You build a range flagpole and it fails on gigs. It has no base and no support. This book builds a range pyramid and has a solid base for a usable range.

Mouthpieces: What will it sound like? Mouthpiece charts are horrible at helping you decide about a new mouthpiece. This 10 page EBook has 2 hours and 20 minutes of people playing different mouthpiece depths, sizes, throats, mega sleeves...

The New Arban Ebook by Pops.
New 954 page Arban based Ebook. I took 1/2 of The Arban Book and wrote some new stuff and did each exercise in many keys so the range extends up an octave higher than in the Old Arban Book.

The New Clarke Technical Studies Ebook by Pops.
New 350 page Clarke based Ebook. I took The Clarke Technical Studies Book and did each exercise in many keys so the range extends up an octave higher than in the Old Clarke Book.

The 4 Trumpet Octave Keys.
New book that teaches you to use our natural octave keys.There are 4 things pros do that others don't. This book shows you what they are.

Tension-Less Playing.
Book that teaches you to stop fighting.This book can double your endurance by teaching you how to stop fighting your trumpet and your own face.

High Gear / Low Gear. New book that teaches you HOW to use the High gear/ Low gear idea for effective playing. Over 1 hour of video instruction featuring Keith Fiala, Keith Wood and Pops. Written instruction from pros like Walt Johnson, Nick Drozdoff, Larry Meregillano, Rich Wetzel, and Jon Trimble.

Tongue Arch & Aperture Tunnel is a 45 book with 30 minutes of video, that explains how arch works with HOW we tongue and how to use it to adjust your embouchure.

Get up off your ___and get a gig. A 35 page Trumpet Ebook designed to show you where and how to get a good supply of gigs.
This will lead to to gigs that you never knew were there.
Get A Gig and make some money playing

More Power - More Range
29 pages of exercises and directions that will wear you OUT. They help make your range powerful and seamless. The exercises follow my thoughts on Lip Setpoint and expand you from below the staff to the Double High Register.
trumpet method for learning high notes

How the Chops Work (The Big Book of Chops Pics) is a 76 page trumpet book with 69 pictures and diagrams showing how compression is made with all of the different embouchures: Buzzing, Farkas, Maggio, Stevens, Super Chops and TCE.
Embouchure Pictures and how to play the trumpet

Chops Builder is a 15 page 10 week isometric exercise course that will give you screamin chops and tons of endurance. It has NO music.
exercise that helps you to play better

30 Minutes A Day to Better Playing is all about working both hard and smart. It is a 15 page trumpet book with 9 unique Musical exercises that will work the mind, fingers, tonguing skills, breathing, breath support, tongue arch, tongue hiss, flexibility, range.... In short everything.

The Pros Talk Embouchure.
I asked some of the best of the best for their ideas about embouchure.
In this 244 page Ebook; are the thoughts of over 70 pros, including 21 authors of trumpet books.
I chose these people because I know what they have to offer. They are top students of Legendary teachers like Adam, Broiles, Caruso, Cichowicz, Gordon, Herseth, Jacobs, Jacoby, Maggio, Mendez, Reinhardt, Schilke, Stevens and Vacchiano.
Many have become world renown teachers in their own right. Plus of course world class players in all areas of playing including hundreds of years combined experience in world class Symphonies and over a thousand years of combined experience in Big Bands.

The No Nonsense Trumpet From A-Z is 117 page trumpet book. It is mostly text and 16 pages of music. It is an overview of the trumpet and every aspect is included. It talks about the 4 main embouchure types and gives 26 examples to improve breath control. It also has info on mouthpiece and trumpet design and walks you through learning to adjust equipment to serve your needs. So it covers a lot of ground.
 A-Z  book

Trumpet FAQs is 119 page trumpet book and is all text. It is a question and answer book about playing problems and how to fix them. It is mostly about fixing embouchure and breathing problems.

The Next Level is practice material and explanations for lead players. It contains Classical music, Flute and Piano Sonatas and many other things that really make you work on playing musically in the upper register. It is a 32 page Ebook.
Next Level

Extended Range and Endurance on the Trumpet. Air on the Move is a 51 page trumpet book. It is what is normally covered in an all day lesson for range and breath support. I've had people add more than an octave of range after taking this master class. It covers advanced techniques for air compression and aperture control. There is NO music in this book.
Air On The Move

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